The New Vienna Gospel Choir

The choir addresses itself to people who enjoy singing in a relaxed environment.

As the name of the choir implies, we mainly study Gospels, but also other pieces. I'm open to any suggestions concerning the repertoire of the choir.

At the moment we are about 10 people who attend the rehearsals regularly.


The rehearsals take place every Friday from 19:30 to 21:30 in the rectorate Liesing, except for days between public holidays and dates which most of the participants can't meet.


If you are interested in joining the choir, have a look at the facebook-group first. You'll find pieces there, which are going to be studied and information about the upcoming rehearsals and events.



I'm looking forward to meeting You.

Mag. Hanna Saukel


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Hanna Saukel Anton Kriegergasse 109-121/14/7
1230 Wien
+43/ 650 / 36 16 736